Google Services

Google Accounts offer a wide range of cloud-based applications / services. Far more than just Gmail: 

Google-Services-Menu image    
Account-based – don’t need to use a gmail address; can use any email address.

Sharing Permissions – share with specific Accounts, Google Groups, or public audiences. 

Many services automatically synchronize with your Smartphone (Android, iOS…).

Consumer & business accounts

Consumer – the free (gmail) accounts familiar to most people.

Google Apps – a business version which operates using a company’s domain name.  
  • Businesses pay $50/account/year.
  • FREE for education and nonprofits organizations.

Access services by clicking the tile button (circled) next to your name, or use the URLs listed below.    

Gmail Email service (consumer addresses are 
Calendar Your own, and also share family & team calendars and subscribe to others
Drive Folders and files with a suite of editing applications: 
   - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms 
Groups For group email, online forums and assigning permissions
Contacts Your contact list
Sites Website editing and hosting.
Blogger Blog hosting ( 
Google+ Social media
Hangouts Group chat, video calls and screen sharing from computer or mobile
PicasaWeb Albums or
Photo albums – also the photo area of Google+
Voice Phone number with multi-forwarding, voice mail, SMS, computer calling, and smartphone integration. Low cost international calling, free for local use.
 … and more